Proudly female-founded in Brooklyn in 2015, Thistle and Spire was created to give a beautiful boost to anyone who needs a lift, literally and figuratively. Fed up with the same old stale styles and beauty standards, we were inspired to do things daringly different and to give you that extra edge to put power into every moment.

Who Are We?

We’re not some giant faceless corporation — our intimate intimates team is only 8-members strong. Self-funded and flipping our profits into progress, we’re here to disrupt the antiquated approach that so many other homogenous lingerie brands seem to follow. We aren’t beholden to investors or stockholders, so our focus is on meticulously crafting show-stopping, jaw-dropping luxury lingerie designs that are just as sexy and unique as you.

Challenge the Status Quo

We’re here to shake up stuffy standards and embrace every type of beauty. We’re committed to the continuous journey of inclusion; we aspire to elevate everyone regardless of size, shape, complexion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability. We’re constantly striving to evolve our collection to support more sizes and shades, and we know our work is far from finished. We’re here to grow, gorgeously.

Why Lingerie

You deserve to celebrate your sensuality and sexuality in style. Start your self-love at the first layer, whether it’s a solo sexy something-something for a fierce confidence boost or you’re showing it off to someone else. However you dare to wear, we’re here for it.

Original Innovation

You’re not basic, so why should your lingerie be? You deserve designs that make you feel like the boss you are. We pore over every part of the process, from draping, sketching, and creating prototypes by hand in our NYC design studio to custom-designing opulent embroidery, intricate strap details, and bespoke accents. It’s time to upgrade your undergarments — we’ll have you feeling fearless with our ass-et highlighting designs.

Our Design Process

Get behind the scenes of our design process and see how our three person team obsess over every detail of every piece.