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Written in the Stars: Mecca Woods Helps Make the Stars More Within Reach

Mecca Woods Helps Make the Stars More Within Reach Do you know a feisty Aries, indecisive Libra, or dreamy Pisces? Did the recent Mercury retrograde get you down? Do you...

Mecca Woods Helps Make the Stars More Within Reach
Do you know a feisty Aries, indecisive Libra, or dreamy Pisces? Did the recent Mercury retrograde get you down? Do you know what any of that even means? Don’t worry, Mecca Woods does—she can bring the zodiac down to earth and help us all make sense of it.
Accessibility is important to Mecca, a New York-based astrologer who wants to help more people understand their horoscopes and birth charts, and ultimately, themselves. She believes that making products and services available to everyone is important, especially in our rapidly
changing, post-pandemic world.
Here at Thistle and Spire we can relate, which makes our partnership with Mecca an obvious and exciting one. The stars aligned, but it took a little time.
Now a natural match, these two components weren’t always such an integral part of Mecca’s life. That happened naturally, over time, and with a level of serendipity. What began as a hobby, when Mecca stumbled upon it in 2008, has blossomed into a lifelong calling, vocation, and full-time career path.
Photos by @jma_photography
“I started out by scouring the internet and libraries and couldn’t get enough!” she says. “My interest steadily grew from there. I was always learning, and frequented Namaste Books on 14th Street.”
Full disclosure: Mecca wasn’t initially sold on the idea of donning Thistle and Spire pieces, or any negligee, for that matter. Like it has for many others, lingerie seemed exclusive and designed for only certain body types.
In 2020, when this curious Sagittarius saw a Thistle and Spire model with her body type rocking sexy undergarments, she got excited and realized that they would look great on her own figure.
“I’ve been plus-size most of my life and never thought I’d look so good in something like that,”
Mecca says. “I appreciate the work being done with inclusivity and the various types of women being represented at Thistle and Spire.”
Photos by @jma_photography
Our favorite astrologer aims to help people feel equally seen and empowered with her personalized chart readings and widespread dissemination of information and ideas.
In addition to the one-on-one tailored readings, Mecca:
- Writes a daily column for Bustle Magazine
- Has published three books: 
    Astrology for Happiness and Success
    The Cosmic Coloring Book series; The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey
    - Records a bi-monthly podcast Stars on Fire
    - Formerly sat on the board of the International Association of Ethics in Astrology
      A pioneer in her ever-expanding field, Mecca is the first Black woman to have a nationally syndicated column.
      She strives to make her passion available to anyone who is interested and encourages self-starters or those on a budget to read up on the subject (starting with Astrology for Yourself by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch), download astrology apps like Time Passages and Sanctuary, join online communities, and seek out other like-minded people.
      We sat down with Mecca recently and did a deeper dive into her thoughts on and experiences with astrology.
      Photos by @jma_photography
      Can you share a practical example of how astrology plays into your own life?
      As we move into Scorpio season, I'm reminded that Scorpio is a sign of intimacy and seduction, but also largely about power. It teaches us how to shore up the courage needed to confront our worst fears, to pursue our deepest desires, and to fully own who we are. I was excited to do the
      photo shoot for Thistle and Spire, because it was a chance to do something different and put myself out there in a new way, but it also dredged up some insecurities. I thought about the deep stretch marks across my belly (courtesy of becoming a mother), the extra weight I've put on since the start of the pandemic, and what it feels like to be in a middle-aged body these
      days. I thought about how these facets of myself would show up on camera, and I felt scared.
      Having to shore up my courage and own it all despite my fears highlighted a Scorpio moment for me. I had to strip down to my truest self in order to show up and be seen, which turned out to be an empowering experience after all.
      What are the non-astrology parts of your life like?
      I try to live as much life outside the realm of astrology as possible. Otherwise, I can lose some of the wonder and curiosity. Play time is important and helps me fill my cup—and therefore, help others more. I enjoy going out and doing things like flying a kite and finding ways to rediscover the city. I can have more conversations without interjecting astrology into it and am more protective about that part of my life.
      How did the pandemic affect your work or role as an astrologer?
      The last two years have been the busiest for me ever. I was doing readings and writing books, which can be taxing. I had so many grieving clients, and not just because of COVID. I felt like I played the role of a grief doula and learned the importance of time management.
      Is there a question you get asked the most by clients?
      Yes, one thing I am asked a lot is, ‘When will things get better?’ Personally, I hope things get better, but it’s also important to keep in mind that we’re in a period of destabilization. Things are actually supposed to be this way, because the old ways did not work. We’re collectively on a precipice and need to do the work, together, to improve things.
      To keep up with Mecca check out and follow Mecca on Instagram at @1meccanism. 
      Photos by @jma_photography


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