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#theREALcatwalk: Khrystyana

This Saturday women came together and cat walked down Times Square to reinforce ONE beauty standard: BEING YOU. Because being you is the definition of beauty.   

 #theREALcatwalk was organized by Khrystyana, a Body Positivity Activist . After receiving messages from women feeling discouraged after watching the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show she decided to create a runway to remind everyone that they are all beautiful.

 "Some girls are curvy and some are petite, some are fit and some have never worked out," body-positive activist and model Khrystyana said in a caption. "Women of different cultures, skin tones. There will be transgender women, women of different ages and sexual orientation, full made up face and some with no make up, waxed or unwaxed legs, vegans and carnivores. All walks of life are welcome and there's no discrimination!"
Despite the freezing weather, all participants emanated warmth and positivity.  "This is not a protest against Victoria's Secret. It's a showcase to encourage all women to feel good about their bodies.  Everyone is welcome to walk," Khrystyana wrote.
Danae  MuratoreBrittney Holguin
This is not the first time Khrystyana broke the internet.  She is known for her refreshingly funny approach to self love.  Last month she celebrated her love for stomach rolls by painting Chamillionaire lyrics on her stomach.  "They see me rollin' they lovin'," she wrote, referring to her own feelings about her belly, which she referred to as her "pride and joy."
Paul Kamau #therealcatwalk

Together we stand.  

No bumps, rolls, or cellulite were hidden.  


As Khrystyana states, "Thank you for being YOU, because being YOU is the definition of beauty, not what the media has been telling us."