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Stephanie Rosa: Body Positive Model at State Management

Stephanie Rosa found herself homeless three years ago.  Determined, she landed a retail job making $13.50 an hour and saved up for her dreams.  Today she is a top model with State Management working with global brands such as Rent the Runway, Old Navy, LORAC cosmetics, and Target. 

Stephanie  is the epitome of confidence and determination while maintaining a kind heart and a dash of sass. She has appeared in Allure Magazine, Jez Magazine, GlassBook magazine and Parent Magazine. She also hosts events for charities such as the Galvin Foundation, which was for mothers with breast cancer.  Read her interview below.

Stephanie Rosa: Body Positive Model at State Management

How did you fall upon your career and makes you love what you do?

I fell upon my modeling career because people always told me when I was younger that I should be a model. I feel that the words we say to people and the thoughts we think really do impact our lives. 

So as a model I always compliment and treat people nicely because that’s how I got into this position in the first place. Being in a position where you can make people feel good about themselves by being the honest you is what makes me love what I do.

What would you tell yourself when you were younger and/or what advice would you give other women?

The advice that I would give myself when I was younger is don’t be afraid to be yourself. That New York Rican accent is what makes you different and stand out. Don’t worry about sounding American. 

The right people will gravitate towards you and love you for you. Do what makes you happy and  be yourself. 

Is there something you were self-conscious about when you were younger and have learned to embrace today?
The one thing I was teased for when I was younger was my ears. Kids used to tell me I looked like a monkey and call me Dumbo. But I embrace it cause no one can model earrings better then me. LOL. As I grew up into a confident woman, people can say what ever they want. When you love and accept yourself those negative words and thoughts really aren’t heard and all the positive things speak louder in your mind then any negative thing.
Stephanie Rosa: Body Positive Model at State Management
What do you love about yourself?

The one thing I love about myself is my drive. I am such a hard worker and when I want something I always make it happen through any obstacle. I used to be homeless 3 years ago and now I’m modeling for major brands and that’s because I didn’t let anyone tell me you’re too this and you’re too that. I went for it and I never listen to negative people and I never stop working. I always try to be  better then who I was yesterday and I always work the hardest. 

What do you love about lingerie?

I love lingerie so much my first job was Victoria’s secret sophomore year in high school. LOL.

I love how lingerie dresses the body and makes women feel feminine. Every women wants to feel sexy and that’s what lingerie is for. 

What are you most excited about?
I am excited about the future and all the possibilities that life brings. When I look back at everything that has happened in 2018. It makes me really excited about 2019.
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