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Sierra Quitiquit: Professional skier, Model, & Environmental Activist

With "Wonder Woman" making box office history with a list of kick ass, athletic female warriors on screen we immediately thought of Sierra Quitiquit our modern day Wonder Woman.  She is...

sierra quitiquit
With "Wonder Woman" making box office history with a list of kick ass, athletic female warriors on screen we immediately thought of Sierra Quitiquit our modern day Wonder Woman.  She is a professional skier, model, and environmental activist.  Despite her success in Skiing and Modelling, she is constantly being told how her body should or should not be.
Sierra QuitiquitSierra Quitquit
"'Where are your thunder thighs?' the photo assistant asked upon hearing I was a pro skier.  I laughed casually, dismissing my urge to slap him.  Body shaming comes in many forms.  Societal conditioning to believe our bodies must look a certain way to equate value or beauty is so ingrained in our minds... One day I'm being told that I'm too lean to be an athlete, the next day I'm being asked to lose weight so I can fit into a sample size.  This sort of chatter can really confuse a girl, " exclaims Sierra.
Sierra says, "I do my very best to work towards optimal healthier, strength and nutrients so my body can thrive and perform I want to encourage you to do the same.  A pant size will never be able to measure your health, fitness, or happiness.  So I ask you to please join me in committing to loving your beautiful body and being good to yourself. No matter what the media or that little voice in your head tries to tell you, please know that you YOU ARE PERFECT and you deserve nothing less than total self love."  She produced and co-directed a film dedicated to the women's march.  We stand behind her 110%  Learn more about our ultimate girl crush below.
How did you fall upon your career and makes you love what you do?
My parents put me on skis before my second birthday. I grew up spending as much time as possible outside as a competitive ski racer. I also competed on the world freesking tour before landing my sponsorship deals and filming opportunities.  For modeling, my mom talked me into trying out for America's Next Top Model and somehow I made it onto casting week. It was a strange experience but it helped spark my interest.
What are you currently most excited about?
I get so fired up on Climate Change issues and scheming up ideas to reduce my carbon footprint, share information and try do my part to save this planet. It's a pretty scary time we're living in, but also a very empowering time to lean in, lend our voices and create action.

Sierra Quitiquit
What would you tell yourself when you were younger and/or what advice would you give other women?
It's okay to be exactly who you are. The media is so critical of women from their looks and their career choices and I think it's created a really hostile environment for women where we constantly feel the need to be "better" or something other than we are.  When you can own your authentic self it actually gives permission for other people to own their authentic self as well.  Also be kind, support each other and ask yourself, "How can I serve?"  There is so much joy in giving!
Sierra QuitiquitSierra Quitiquit
Is there something you were self-conscious about when you were younger and have learned to embrace today?
I went through a stage where I was ashamed of my muscular build. Now I have the awareness to know that those thoughts were a product of social conditioning, largely due to the medias poor representation of body diversity. I thought that I needed to be skinny to be attractive and have self worth. Those were some low times in my life. I now know that beauty transcends so far beyond the aesthetic and I'm also so proud of my athletic, capable body!
What do you love about lingerie?
Lingerie makes me feel so confident. I wear it for myself so that I can feel beautiful and proud of my body and sexuality. 
Where do you get your inspiration?
I think my ultimate inspiration is Mother Nature. Everything mimics nature.
Sierra QuitiquitSierra Quitiquit

 Describe your perfect day.

Wake up early, Brew a cup of coffee. Eat a big breakfast. Grab my skate and skate over the bridge to the gym. Sweat it out. Meet a girlfriend for lunch.  Head to the farmers market and skate home.  Play with my rat. Shoot photos at sunset light.  Make a big, healthy dinner and get to bed early. Grandma for life ;)


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