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Roniit Alkayam: Singer & Songwriter

Roniit Alkayam: Singer & Songwriter We were lucky enough to e-meet Roniit a few months ago when she reached out with some inquiries about our Verona Bra for her latest single. We...

Roniit Alkayam: Singer & Songwriter

We were lucky enough to e-meet Roniit a few months ago when she reached out with some inquiries about our Verona Bra for her latest single. We immediately fell in love with her music and wanted to do what we could to help support her creative endeavors. A few months later, here we are telling you that her single, Fade to Blue was released Wednesday, July 17th and it's definitely worth the listen! Give our latest Girl Crush a listen and a read!


How did you reach your current career and makes you love what you do?

Years of relentlessly creating art and creatively marketing my music led me to where I am now. I’ve never let fear stop me - even though I have so much of it. I think the most impactful thing I’ve done over the years is reaching out to people and brands I want to collaborate with!  I love that my career has enabled me to shape my life around my art. I make most of my decisions based on how it will affect my art. I let inspiration guide me when it comes to the people I surround myself with and places I travel.  Most of all I just love to sing, write songs, edit videos and generally just addicted to the high of creating something new and expressing my emotions through art. 

What would you tell yourself when you were younger and/or what advice would you give other women?

I would tell myself to keep following my intuition and really trust that it’s guiding me to exactly where I need to be. My advice to other women is to truly follow their hearts. When you make decisions by listening to your heart and feeling it in your body you end up exactly where you need to be. What I mean is - if you’re trying to make a decision and you feel your stomach clench up when you think about one option - then feel an excitement and lightness or butterflies when you think about another option - always go with the thing that makes you feel light and excited. Even if it’s the harder choice. Follow that gut feeling because it’s your subconscious mind is trying to speak to you through your body. Your subconscious mind is so much smarter than the conscious voice in your head. Your subconscious mind is constantly processing things behind the scenes and when you can really shut up and listen you will be guided towards your highest potential. I always say “follow your highest excitement”. 


Who inspires you to live your best life?

The artists I surround myself with inspire me the most. Being around people that are creating art from an authentic place inspire me to do the same. It’s so important to find people that support and understand art when you’re trying to stay in a creative headspace. 


Is there something you were self-conscious about when you were younger and have learned to embrace today?

So many things - and honestly I’m still working on that. I didn’t release any music for three years because I thought that nothing I created was good enough. I think I’ve finally overcome that (thank goodness). Also there are certain things about my appearance that I’ve hated and wished I could change but I’ve recently started to try to view my face as a whole rather than focus in on these little details no one but me notices and nit pick them. 


What do you love about yourself?

This question is always a challenge for me - but a welcome one since I do think self love is important.  I love my determination to follow my heart, and I love that I place a lot of importance on balancing fun and enjoyment of time with work and accomplishing goals. 


What do you love about lingerie?

I love how lingerie frames the body in such an artistic way. It doesn’t take away from the human form - but showcases the curves of the body.  I’m very drawn to using lingerie in my photo shoots as it’s one of the only wardrobe options that can’t conceal, hide or distract from the human body.  

What are you excited about for the near future?

I’m excited to release my album “XIXI” this fall! After three years of writing and producing this album it has finally come to a close. The album is really a journey through one of the most challenging and transformative periods of my life.  A period where I was overcoming so much crippling self doubt and learning how to have healthy relationships, friendships and a healthy relationship with myself. I’m honestly just so excited to feel that I’m past this phase in my life and in a much happier and healthier one. I’m excited that I no longer have writers block and can create songs so quickly now without all these negative thoughts. I’m excited to tour sometime in the near future after three years of being a hermit in the woods making music! 



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