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@lux_atl: Class is in Session

Hey there, gorgeous! After trying on your new Thistle and Spire lingerie and admiring yourself in the mirror, what’s the next thing you want to do? Take some sexy selfies,...

Hey there, gorgeous!
After trying on your new Thistle and Spire lingerie and admiring yourself in the mirror, what’s the next thing you want to do?
Take some sexy selfies, of course! And today, I’m going to teach you how!
But first–a little bit about ya girl….
My name is Lux ATL, also known as Dr. Lindsay Byron, and I am an author, former University professor, and world-renowned twerk expert turned women’s community leader. You can find me on Instagram and TikTok @lux_atl. 
Over the years, I have taught women how to tap into their sensuality through movement, given them outlets to bring pleasure into their lives through my StripRetreats at luxurious locations worldwide, and guided them in the pursuit of creative endeavors that give their lives purpose. Currently, I am in the midst of launching The Salon, a digital space of inspiration, accountability, community, and sensual movement, where the goal is to support our members in their execution of great things that stretch their potential and give their lives meaning–while shaking our tail feathers in the meantime! Our members create important works of art, new technologies, new philosophies–or maybe just a streamlined laundry set-up in the home for now–by committing themselves to showing up each week to work on their goal at hand, something we call the One Big Thing. We also remember that no cerebral journey is complete without tapping into the body, so we gather twice a month to engage in sensual movement dance parties together! We are now accepting new members–so if you’ve got big dreams that you’re ready to take action to create, all while tapping into that beautiful and capable body of yours–click here for an invite!   
But enough about me–more about your ass selfies!
That’s right–I said ASS SELFIES!
Once you get into your Thistle and Spire lingerie, you won’t want to spend all that lusciousness on just the mirror. Somebody deserves to bask in your juicy glory! Maybe it’s your homegirl, or your lover, or your internet crush…. Whomever that lucky recipient may be, click the video below to learn how to get the most out of your booty in a selfie! And always remember–the number one person who benefits from seeing yo’ fine self on film is YOU!
And for the bold lady who’s ready to share on social–don’t forget to tag @thistleandspire in your pic! (Tag me too; I’d be honored–@lux_atl )!
For the gal who’s curious to know a little bit more about my journey of self-love through sensuality and creativity–read on for a quick Q and A convo between the mavens at Thistle and Spire and yours truly!
T&S: Lux, what did your personal self love journey look like, and what do you do for yourself on a daily basis to maintain that relationship with yourself? 
Lux: I come from a difficult upbringing in a small Southern town where I was very early on labeled as the town slut. That identity haunted me, and at an early age I decided to weaponize that identity by hitting the strip club stage–a professional field in which I worked and excelled for sixteen years, while simultaneously earning a PhD and teaching in the university. I will not say that stripping cured my self-loathing; however it did cultivate within me a great skill for sensual movement that – once brought into my personal life, and enacted for my pleasure as opposed to the entertainment of others – worked as a gateway for me to begin appreciating my talents, my heart, and even my body. This lifestyle also provided infinite fodder for my lifelong greatest love: creative writing. I share this journey on my hit podcast Stripcast, as well as in my memoir, Too Pretty To Be Good.  I am no longer a stripper, but I continue to dance, write, and make music for my own pleasure. Exercising my creativity, and setting (and crushing) goals for myself in relation to my creative pursuits, has been the greatest tool in maximizing my self-love that I have found.  
T&S: How has dancing influenced your self love journey in the past, and how does it continue to today? 
Lux: Sensual movement became my primary mode of dance due to my many years on a strip club stage, but I have since brought it into my life for both pleasure as well as instruction, as I have toured the world teaching pole dance, floorwork, and twerk. To put it simply, finding an activity in which I excelled did wonders for my self-love journey. However, beyond that, simply inhabiting my body on a regular basis instead of remaining in my head all the time – which was easy to do as a lifelong academic – kept me connected and grounded to myself as a human being and not just a brain. Every time I dance I am reminded that it feels good to be alive. Feeling good to be alive will do wonders for your self-love. So will looking cute AF in the mirror while you shimmy those hams!
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T&S: For anyone who may not be familiar, can you explain what counterculture is and tell us about what it means to you?
Lux: I am a rebel at heart and have a lifelong “fuck you” attitude toward authority. For me, “counterculture” means going against the grain of the dominant narrative. When they zig, I zag. Whatever frameworks and viewpoints  you see everyone espousing on the internet–expect the opposite to rise to prominence in due time. I like to beat everyone else to arrive at what’s next, and therefore I generally explore contradicting viewpoints, often finding great value in them. I do not obey even the guidelines of my own political or social tribe. I strive always to look at things from a fresh angle. 
T&S: We know you are THE twerk star–how does twerking provide a sense of liberation for you?
Lux: Coming from a background in which my sexuality was impugned, it gives me great pleasure to make money and gain notoriety on my ability to bounce my ass. Furthermore, I feel this movement is deeply human and fundamentally accessible to most of us–and it has existed for thousands of years, stemming of course from Africa.  I want to recognize some of the greats who have inspired me in this journey, in particular Torwa Joe aka Fiya Starta, who is possibly the world’s greatest twerk artist, as well as Jiffy, whose precision and articulation could blow anyone’s mind.   
My deepest gratitude to Thistle and Spire for inviting me into this conversation, as well as to you, dear reader, for coming along for the ride! I hope to see you in The Salon and on the internet! 
Until next time, I remain,
Yours in counterculture feminism and beyond,


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