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Getting to Know our Erogenous Zones, Sexual Anatomy and Toys!

Let’s get ready to rumble!   Je Joue is a luxury adult toy company based in London that creates toys that make pleasure a priority. They offer vaginal, penile, and...

Let’s get ready to rumble!
Je Joue is a luxury adult toy company based in London that creates toys that make pleasure a priority. They offer vaginal, penile, and anal toys that are as slick as they are powerful—designed to make all bodies quiver with pleasure. They combine modern-day technology with an innovative understanding of pleasure and how to achieve it from the palm of your hand.
We partnered with Je Joue to learn more about what gets their motors running.
Your high school anatomy lesson covered the basics, enough to pass the tests. But did you learn enough to truly understand the intricacies of what lies beneath? Or to even learn what’s pleasurable?
We want to share some essential facts on sexual anatomy, choosing a vibrator, and why Je Joue’s vibrators are an excellent choice to help you get there.
The Mimi soft packs a lot of punch in a soft and discreet, pebble-shaped toy. The Mimi Soft’s versatility offers stimulation to all of your pleasure zones from the clitoris to the nipples, the underside of the penis, or the perineum.
Even though it might actually be the most important physical aspect of femxle pleasure, the clitoris was largely ignored for centuries. 
When we talk about the clitoris, most of us think of that small, visible “button” that hangs out at the top of our labia. (This “button,” or glans, contains 8,000 nerve endings—that’s more than twice as many as the head of the penis!) 
Ninety percent of the clitoris is internal—so that little button we see is only 10 percent of the good stuff. The clitoris is actually not small at all; it’s more like an iceberg than a button, and that little, visible part is just the tip of it. The whole concept of “G-Spot” pleasure is a myth—because it’s simply the stimulation of the clitoris through the wall of the vagina. This would also mean that “vaginal” orgasms are a myth—and that all vaginal orgasms are, in fact, clitoral.
 If you or your partner has a clitoris, you’d better make sure you’re up to speed. Whether flying solo or with a partner/s, vibrators are one of the best ways to stimulate the clitoris. The right kind of vibrator provides an intensity of stimulation that you can’t replicate with any non-mechanical stimulation. 
The classic bullet is perfect to opt into pinpoint stimulation or for a hands-free experience. The finger sleeve attachment gives you a chance to get creative with how you play solo or with a partner/s. Recommended for trying out different sensations.
On the topic of erogenous zones, we also owe the anal region and perineum some well-deserved attention too. For both mxn and womxn, the perineum offers another zone full of pleasure receptive nerve endings. This hot zone is located between the genitals and the anus and is known to provide powerful stimulation.
Even further into this erogenous zone, you’ll find the prostate for mxle bodies. About two inches inside of the anus, and towards the belly button, the prostate is a small bump the size of a walnut. The Prostate takes credit for providing intense and long-lasting orgasms in mxle bodies, ecstasy unmatched. For safety, when choosing an anal toy a flared tip will prevent the toy from “free-falling.” The Nuo Butt plug has a bulbous shape so you will have everything you need to hit the P spot safely.
Learning the ins and outs of these zones is critical to an optimized sexual experience with yourself as a soloist or in harmony with your partner(s). Get to know them and get to love them, they’ll love you back!
The derriere plug of your dreams with tons of options. Great for pleasuring the perineum or prostate (or both simultaneously). The Nuo is good for partners or solo artists with distances near and far thanks to its Apple or Android app capabilities.
Erogenous zones aren’t limited to the genitals. An erogenous zone can be anywhere on the body that produces sexual excitement and pleasure. Since all bodies are created uniquely, there is no one size fits all road map to finding these zones for everybody. What might excite one might not excite them all so we suggest taking the time to get to know your own zones and if you are engaging with a partner, get to know theirs while they get to know yours. Some other zones worth your attention are the nipples, ears, nape, and back. Some lesser-known zones include the scalp, forehead, and the crease where your thighs and abdomen meet. When considering toys, these areas can be stimulated well with a pebble vibrator. We’ve got you covered with the Mimi Soft.
“Rumbly” vs “Buzzy” Vibes
Besides the obvious parameters such as shape, size, and material, the most important factor that makes your nightstand’s favorite buzzing resident unique is the motor. In particular, the frequency of vibrations.
Some motors are designed to vibrate at an incredibly low frequency. Lower frequency vibrations travel farther through solid material while losing less energy than higher frequency vibrations. So lower frequencies are able to reach deeper tissues in the body than higher frequency vibrations.
Low-frequency vibrations lead to "rumbly" vibrators. These rumbly vibrators are going to feel and sound totally different from the higher frequency "buzzy" vibes. The lower the rumble, the more internal nerve endings, and pleasure points are being stimulated.
Designed to bend to your pleasure for G spot or clitoral stimulation, the G-kii can adjust to please both experts and beginners.
What makes Jejoue unique?
Compare the frequencies of an electric toothbrush that operates upwards of 10,000 Hz to a subwoofer bass operating at 100-200Hz. Je Joue toys operate at a very low frequency, between 45 to 180 Hz. When you stand next to a subwoofer loudspeaker, you really feel the bass “go through you” — this is the same technology being harnessed by Je Joue’s unique deep, rumbly motor.
Just like listening to your favorite song through your phone can also sound good. Yet it's NOTHING compared to hearing it live in concert, surrounded by a professional sound system. They're both good - but you're going to enjoy one a HELL of a lot more...
The science and technology driving Je Joue’s subwoofer-style vibrations is what distinguishes them from other toys, and is what makes them feel so effing good. Unlike most vibrators you’ll find, Je Joue’s vibrators are not just tickling the “button”— they’re rumbling the whole damn iceberg.
Now that we've invested a little deeper into your Sex-ed and Anatomy awareness, it's time to get your motor running!


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