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Autumn Morris: Lingerie Has Changed How We Connect With Ourselves

Posted on September 29 2020

Autumn Morris: Lingerie Has Changed How We Connect With Ourselves

Autumn Morris: Lingerie Has Changed How We Connect With Ourselves

Hey lingerie lovers, it's Autumn here! I'm the CEO & Founder of Speaking of Autumn (previously Speaking of Sex) and a certified Intimacy Educator who works to help millennials connect love, intimacy, and life in 2020. Kind of like a 23-year-old Dr. Ruth meets Tik Tok! 
To give you some background on how Speaking of Autumn got started, my  experience with public school sex education left me uninformed and in extremely unsafe situations. As a young, bisexual, woman of color in a highly conservative town, I had no safe spaces to ask questions about my sexuality, identity, healthy connections, or sexual health and get accurate answers. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have answers to sex ed questions, I created an online safe space for all things intimate: Speaking of Sex, now known as Speaking of Autumn.
This Fall, I teamed up with T&S to upgrade your intimate knowledge. We wanted to talk more about lingerie and confidence and their beautiful intersection. Let's dive in!
It’s 2020 and we are more aware than ever that beauty standards are here to cash in on our insecurities. We are burning our bras, growing our body hair, and being unapologetically unsymmetrical. What changed? Our mindset. We stopped being held captive by the standards placed on beauty and started exceeding the margins, taking up space, and using the same “beauty” that oppressed us to further our current agenda.
Just how we approach beauty in 2020 is how Thistle and Spire approaches lingerie. Lingerie is not simply a clothing item to be worn for the gratification of someone else. Lingerie is an experience that will be as rich as you allow it to be. Lingerie is a symbol. Depending on the person, it can symbolize sexuality, expression, celebration, etc. But most importantly, lingerie calls us to be more intentional about how we view ourselves, how we connect with ourselves, and how we connect with others.
Confidence is contagious and let me tell you, there is no more confident being than me in my lingerie. I feel seen, sexy, and like I am enough. I feel celebrated, special, and I feel myself discovering self-love over and over again. But this confidence is not conditional on being in the bedroom. The more confident I am inside the bedroom, the more I see my confidence overflow into other parts of my life. This is common for a lot of people. Sexuality is ingrained in everything we do and the more we enjoy our sexual experiences and feel secure in our sexuality, the less stress and more confidence we experience in the world. By wearing lingerie that brings out my inner queen, I am strengthening my sex life and enhancing my whole life. Who knew some lingerie could change my whole life… literally??
However, let us not forget that lingerie doesn’t just have to be pulled out when a partner is present. The more time we invest in ourselves and are intentional about holding space for love for our body (whether sex is included or not) will always boost your confidence. Not only is lingerie a tool of life enhancement, but also a facilitator of self-love. It’s how the fabric hugs your immaculate body, how your teeth peek out of your smile as you stare in the mirror celebrating all that is you, it’s the overwhelming feeling of acceptance you feel once you allow yourself to fall unconditionally in love with yourself.
While lingerie has been around for ages and the history of branding lingerie may be problematic, Thistle and Spire is reframing our outlook on lingerie and standing by our side while we fight for self-love and balance in our lives. Why not be revolutionary while looking like a confident badass?
Thanks for reading today, I hope you enjoyed it! Until next time, stay tuned and remember to show yourself some love. You can follow me on Instagram and TikTok.


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