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Fall Arrivals are here. SHOP NOW.
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FREE 2-day shipping with code HALLOWEENSLAY on U.S orders of $75 or more
Ladies Night by Cory Rice
 We hosted our first Ladies Night celebrating body positivity.  "Body positivity is centered in the belief that all bodies are good bodies. While the movement can have deeply personal meanings for everyone, at it's core, it's about inclusivity and self-love, " states Bustle.  Together we shared our body loves instead of body shaming.  Everyone has insecurities. Self-love is a wavering journey with highs & lows.  Together we can lift each other up and prove that beauty has many forms. (All photos from the event are un-retouched)
Ladies Night Group Discussion by Elena Mudd
Thistle & Spire was and is inspired by women who pave their own way. Women who claim what they want in life and make things happen.  Accepting our vulnerabilities does not make us weaker, rather, it allows us to open up to the world, face forward, and kick ass.
Ladies Night: Suliya Giselle, Jillian Sophie, Rijka Negrete, Barbie Jaggers, & Lorelei Black by Elena Mudd
 We both fell in love with lingerie because of how it made us feel.  Growing up, during our awkward stages, lingerie was our personal secret. It became our under armour.  Our way of finding confidence from within.  
jillian sophieLadies Night by Elena Shur
Ashley, Kristin, and Crystal Arnette by Elena Mudd and Elena Shur
Media has created an unrealistic representation of beauty.  It expects everyone to fit into a specific mold.  Let's break that mold and show that real beauty has infinite forms.  Society’s unrealistic standards don't have to be our standards.  As women we should support each other in that way.  Body shaming is off the table.  
Ladies Night: Elena Shur by Inna Shnayder

Ladies Night was our version of the Amazon in Wonder Woman. Each one of you is a wonder woman worth celebrating. We are constantly inspired by the women in our lives.

Ladies Night by Cory RiceLadies Night: Lorelei Black by Inna Shnayder
Alicia Nicholls by Elena Mudd Cleo Gray by Cory Rice
Ultimately, when we take the time to share we realize we have more similarities than differences.  There are highs and lows in the journey of self-love.  It's ok to have moments when you are unhappy and dissatisfied. It's only natural.  However, remember to take time to remember what you DO love about yourself and others.
Ladies Night: Rose Grange by Inna ShnayderLadies Night by Elena Shur
Ladies Night Maggie Bacon and Lily Chen by Elena Shur
Thanks to the incredibly talented photographers (Cory Rice, Elena Mudd, Elena Shur, & Inna Shnayder), flowers sponsored by Uprooted NY (co-founders Ashley Custer and Kristen Heckler), and all our attendees (Jillian Mercado, Rose Grange, Suliya Gisele, Alicia Nicholls, Lorelei Black, Rijka Negrete, Brittany DeGirolamo, Beck Hartke, Danae Muratore, Barbie Jaggers, Crystal Arnette, Cleo Gray, Laura Ramadei, and Teresa Bigelow).