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Chelsea Nichole: Sex Positive Blogger

Meet Chelsea, one of our favorite bloggers out there right now. We started working with Chelsea after discovering her sex positive presence on YouTube and Instagram back in summer 2019. ...

Meet Chelsea, one of our favorite bloggers out there right now. We started working with Chelsea after discovering her sex positive presence on YouTube and Instagram back in summer 2019.  Finding ourselves in a YouTube hole on her channel was a little like talking to our horny best friends for a few hours, so the collaboration felt meant to be. 
We asked Chelsea these questions a few months ago before everything in our world completely shifted. While her answers to some of these more routine questions might've changed, her commitment to being there for her audience and uplifting them has not. Learn more about Chelsea and let her brighten your day with her cheeky energy. 
What does self-love mean to you?
Whatever stage you're at in life with your relationships, accomplishments, physical outward appearance—taking yourself as you are in this very moment and knowing that, even though you're not where you desire to be... you're going to treat yourself as 100%. If tomorrow never comes, why should I take myself for granted today?
What do you think is the biggest misconception about sex positivity or what you do? 
A good amount of people place shame or assume you're carrying out a life of promiscuity. They might also associate it with low self-esteem or "daddy issues". Rather than seeing the normalization of sex and sexuality, it's easier for someone to degrade you for trying to help! Let's not forget those that think you'll sleep with them upon their request... As if this is how things work! Hahaha.
Have you always had a positive outlook on sex?
No! There was a time where I was in a relationship with someone who made intimacy uncomfortable. When negative remarks are directed to your body and your partner makes a point of not being intimate with you at all—it becomes mentally draining. You begin to question yourself and feel uncomfortable in your skin! Not cool.
How did you find yourself in your current sex positive position?
Self-exploration! I had to remove my mindset from having an extremely negative outlook on sex and allow myself to be vulnerable—whether with time alone or with a new partner. Experiencing different things and falling in love with a whole new level of intimacy that I never knew existed!
What's your favorite thing about your job?
Creating and engaging with my followers! A good content creator will be able to satisfy whatever requests a follower has, a great content creator is able to satisfy followers with whatever they put out there. Growth comes with communication, without that I wouldn't have opportunities to work with amazing companies or have a growing audience.
What projects are you currently working on? What are you excited about for the near future?
I've actually recently [started] a contract to work with a company that provides the public with affordable at home STD testing kits and allows you to test yourself from the comfort and privacy of your own home! I think being sexy and maintaining your sexual health go hand in hand! This year I'm looking forward to more growth with the current companies I'm working with.
What does your day to day normally look like?
Each day is different! I try to maintain normalcy in some areas... allocating time daily to editing videos or creating content for my channel or other social platforms is a must. I'm easily a creature of habit and lose track of time, I always remind myself to make time for family, friends, and my pets! Sundays are me days, nothing except self-care and pampering takes place.  
Can you take us through what a typical day might look like?
I'll hit my snooze button for approximately an hour before I pull myself out of bed for a hot shower, breakfast and my daily workout on the treadmill! Afternoons are dedicated to work (and snacking haha)—filming, editing, replying to emails. It's taxing, so time management is beyond important—especially when there are deadlines involved. Evenings are super lax! I live in a town of less than 300 so it's typically dinner and if I'm up for it, another workout! Any toy testing typically takes place during the late hours of the night when you can hear a pin drop haha.
What's your favorite thing about yourself?
This is still new to me and I feel like I'm still working on it but, confidence. Paving my own path without allowing the fear that comes with second guessing yourself to take over. Having the mentality of "I've got this" is a dangerous thing. Get over that and you can do it all.

What does lingerie mean to you?
Entitlement. Not in a pompous way, in the way of holding your own and radiating sex appeal while finding the most comfort in your own skin.
How do you like to integrate lingerie into your everyday outfits?
I'm very anal when it comes to things being perfect, having a matching bra and thong are CRUCIAL. Especially when I'm able to wear a slinky, set under a white button up blouse—with just enough buttons undone for others to have a peek and enjoy the piece as much as I do. I mean, should things heat up between you and your crush at the end of the work day in the back seat of your car.... It's only appropriate you're prepared!
How do you feel when you're wearing your favorite piece of lingerie?
Powerful. That I'm able to handle whatever crosses me and that I can do the damn thing.
Close your eyes and imagine your highest self. What lingerie do you see yourself wearing?
The element of power comes into play again... My highest self would definitely be draped in a piece she had a hand in designing herself. Sexy and subtly bold. A silky, strappy slip that I can take from meetings to dinners to finish things off in the bedroom. I like pieces with a purpose! I want to feel elevated in a piece that's modest but sexy enough to turn heads.
If you could re-invent a piece of lingerie, what would it be and how would you do it?
I think my last answer plays on this question a little! Definitely the slip. Modern and modest with a sexy, bold twist that elevates your confidence and wardrobe, but leaving plenty to the imaginations of your admirers.
Could you tell us about the first time you were introduced to and got excited about lingerie?
I was young! Like 4 or 5... I took notice to the beautiful silk slips my mother would wear under her draping silky robes with heeled slippers (beyond fancy). I knew that what she was wearing was important because my sister and I were to refrain from hugging and smothering her while she wore those pieces so they wouldn't "have to go to the cleaners, again!" I saved up my senior year in high school to purchase my very first (and only) La Perla bra because I wanted to be like my mother, adorned in the finest intimates! She still keeps me in line when it comes to choosing appropriate quality pieces. I think thats why I'm over the moon with y'all! I literally tell all my friends to check out Thistle and Spire!
Go ahead and give Chelsea some love and let her cheeky content and honest advice put a smile on your face.
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