Goddesses of SHAKTIBARRE

Left to Right: Deanna, Corinne, Phenixx, Haley, Marsha, Liz, Allie,  and Rachel

You know that moment when you are sweating and your legs are straining to hold a strong warrior pose?  That moment you look up and your yoga instructor inspires you to push through? Today we feature those teachers we crush on during class.  The ones that inspire us to stretch past our comfort zones , leaving us with the feeling we can conquer the world.

SHAKTIBARRE is a new yoga and barre studio that just opened in Williamsburg, NY.  In addition to yoga and barre classes they have a cafe, work space, and events for activism and wellness.  The Goddesses of SHAKTIBARRE are the girl bosses who bring fire to this sunny studio.  The kind of girl gang you want to nama'stay with.

Left to Right: Corinne Wainer (Co founder), Marsha, Allie, Deanna, Liz, Haley, Phenixx, and Rachel